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I have been a lifelong programmer and since I have dedicated myself to web design with WordPress, I have always wanted to have a tool like Bricks that allows me to apply all my knowledge in terms of web design and PHP programming within the WordPress environment.

In the design of my website I have several categories within the same Custom Post Type of WordPress posts. Thanks to the possibilities offered by Bricks, I have created a single Individual template that allows me to show the different categories with different designs and functionalities. This is an advantage that I have only been able to develop with Bricks and its conditional functionality that it includes. With the same template I show the articles from my Blog, the Client Portfolio and my more specialized field notes articles.

In these approaching festive dates, I have been able to create my Christmas tree from which the Christmases with my clientsā€™ logos hang. Everything is interactive and designed with Bricks. You can see the tree at this URL:

For me Bricks is the best WordPress has ever had. Keep going and improving every day.
Kind regards

Attached is a screenshot of the Home page of my website.

En EspaƱol:

Soy programador de toda la vida y desde que me dedico al diseƱo web con WordPress, siempre he querido disponer de una herramienta como Bricks que me permite aplicar toda mi capacidad de conocimientos en cuanto a diseƱo web y programaciĆ³n PHP dentro del entorno de WordPress.

En el diseƱo de mi pĆ”gina web dispongo de varias categorias dentro del mismo Custom Post Type de las entradas de WordPress. Gracias a las posibilidades que ofrece Bricks he creado una Ćŗnica plantilla tipo Individual que me permite mostrar las diferentes categorias con diferentas diseƱos y funcionalidades. Esto es una ventaja que solamente he podido desarrollar con Bricks y su funcionalidad de condicional que incluye. Con una misma plantilla muestro los artĆ­culos de mi Blog, el Portfolio de clientes y mis artĆ­culos de notas de campo mĆ”s especializados.

En estas fechas festivas que se aproximan, he podido crear mi Ć”rbol de Navidad de donde cuelgan los Christmas con los logos de mis clientes. Todo es interactivo y diseƱado con Bricks. El Ć”rbol lo podĆ©is ver en esta URL: Arbol de Navidad de SoluciĆ³n Individual - DiseƱo pĆ”ginas web Madrid

Para mi Bricks es lo mejor que ha tenido WordPress. Seguid adelante y mejorando cada dĆ­a.

Saludos Cordiales


Nicely done, love the site, and the sentiment. Bricks really is a thoughtfully crafted tool and I love that so much.

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Muy chulo y original. De madrileƱo a madrileƱo jajaja

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Hey there solucionindividual!

If I can make one comment on your site.

I really feel like there is not enough space and a lot of content.

I donā€™t have a problem with the content but the delivery needs to breath a bit more.

The content is great and explains exactly what you do, but as a design house you really need to showcase your skills for design and user experience.

Hope this input is constructive and helps!

Happy new year!!

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Thanks Willem,
I will take your comment into account and I will try to improve the aspects you mention.

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