Website for my own digital agency

This one was done a couple of years ago for my own studio

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" Our program of services are divided into three areas:" is a lot of words and in my view comes across as dodgy English

How about:

We offer three types of services.
We focus on three areas

Hi Baba,

Thanks for the input - its appreciated.

you are welcome. Thought about it again and now see what my English radar picked up:

Our program of services (singular) IS divided into three areas:

Ah yes, I get it, or should it be:

Our program of service is divided into three areas.

(no plural/letter s on the end of the word service)

Could be. Sorry, I was unclear. “our program” (singular) IS (of either services or service)

FWIW I’d just write “Our program is divided into three areas”.

The “of services” part you had originally doesn’t need to be there.

Or something totally different like “Our services cover three important categories”.

Really hard to read on mobile.

Thanks for the headsup - I originally designed this years ago on an older version of bricks, but then after a few updates, certain things stopped working and I didn’t fully fix all the problems.

Thanks for raising the issue.

I really like the website layout but I’m afraid the white text on the red background is really hard to read (even for a non-visually impaired visitor like me). Unfortunately that colour combination doesn’t comply with accessibility standards.

Thanks for your input. Yes, this has always been a concern for me. The colour combo is not so much an issue, its the colour combo in combination with the font-size that really the issue.

Thanks once again - I’ll reconsider this aspect of the design.

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