Website for funeral services and products(+Polylang)

I have recently done a site that has 2 languages using Polylang.

I’m not good at designing(I’m not a pro web designer, haha). It’s just a basic website.
Just to share with you that site I made with Bricks(1.5-Beta) + Polylang.

*Some pages are yet to be optimized properly and yet to add featured images.

Any feedback is welcome.

Plugins in use:

  1. MaxAddons

  2. Polylang

  3. CPT

  4. ACF

  5. Happyfiles

  6. RankMath Pro

Hello jornes,

on mobile view I came across this:

Other than that, looking good! :slight_smile: Any issues with Polylang?

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Thank you, @lukeSK

I should hide the text and arrow on mobile view. :wink:

I don’t face any issues with PolyLang, so far. However, the progress I use Polylang in Bricks and Elementor are slightly different.

With Elementor, when I translate a page, it will copy everything from the default page to a translated page.

In Bricks, the translated page will be blank. The workflow in Bricks(for the time being), you will need to copy section to section. I think Bricks will improve this someday.

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Very good work Jornes.

Did you have any proble with image widgets on translation? I’m usin sliders and they are not showing on translated pages


Thank you for checking out my site! :smiley:

About the image, I do it this way.

I have to upload the images twice(for the main language and another language) to make those images show correctly in both languages.

I encountered a similar issue with the carousel slider. Just upload them twice then it should work as expected. :wink:

@jornes thank you for your tip friend, sadly I can’t do that because I’m getting the data from an API, using 6 languages (about 5k pics), and doing it for each, will mean 30k pics :sweat_smile:

Oh! My godness. That’s a lot!
Please check with Bricks’s dev to see what other solutions they have to offer.