Webdesign business website in Bricks Builder v1.7.3

Dear Bricks Users,
We just started our agency website in Bricks Builder:

We use the following plugins:
BricksExtras (for pop-up based on “click on class” and Burger Trigger (we are waiting for Bricks 1.8 final edition), header search, Offcanvas, Slide menu, Social share)
JetEngine (CrocoBlock)
WPML (language handling)
Motion.Page (GSAP animation)
HappyFiles (of course…)
WP Rocket (For faster load)

As LukeKahng said I also agree:
Any feedback, tips, and constructive criticism for improvement are all welcome and thank you!
I am also looking for freelance work if interested.

I love the design. Very unique, but functional. The only negative I noticed is that the screen goes grey on every page load, and won’t let you scroll until you click somewhere. Feels like a blank popup is loading.

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Dear @GrowPlugins ,
Thank you very much. This is absolutely right. My goal was to have a notification for GDPR by Popup but it was not working well on mobile. Now I turned off and installed another plugin for GDPR: Complianz. I always would like to have less plugins but sometimes it doesn’t work. Maybe I will open a ticket here for support GDPR popup. If someone would like to have a bottom popup he/she also needs this kind of popup so maybe this is a bug in Bricks Builder.
Thank you very much for letting me know your opinion and for saving “my life” to have more possibilites and smoother UX.

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