WAIT: WPML + ACF Term object field empty result on translation pages

Hey i ran into a strange bug with wpml + acf taxonomy field + translated bricks template.

I’ve setup a custom taxonomy with acf and added the terms. Set them to always translate in wpml and translated each term. The same for the bricks templates.
The acf taxonomy field itself is set to always copy and it is setup to give back the term object.

Now in the template ive setup a text field


For the default language everything works, but for the translation the result on the front end is empty. I’ve debugged the field itself with print_r(get_field(‘fieldname’)) and it gives back an array with the term ids (with the default language when using get_field i get the term objects in an array back). So the field itself is not empty - but the bricks function does give back nothing.
When i set the acf field to give back the id instead of term object, everything works.

The question, is this an acf / wpml error ( because the get_field gives back the ids instead of the object ) or is this intended and it is a bricks error ?


Hi @tos,

Please share temporary admin access to help@bricksbuilder.io and include a link to the current forum thread. This will allow us to debug the issue on your setup since it involves two plugins with different configurations. It is best to try it with your settings to identify the cause accurately.