WAIT: Weird spacing between Containers

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: Windows
URL: Local Development
Video: Account (Construtor)

  • After wrapping the container, the elements inside it get a spacing (even when applying the correct allignment).

Hey @ribeirom4e,

thanks for your report.

Unfortunately it’s really hard to follow and tell what your issue might be by just looking at the video. It would be great if you could temporarily put your site on a real server. Alternatively you could provide us with a copy of your local site. I’d guess you’re using Local WP which makes this process pretty easy.



Hello André,

Now it will be difficult for me to do this because of another issue:

So, I will create another page, reproduce this and export trough LocalWP and paste the file here as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Hello again André,

I’ve created a new page and I don’t have that issue with the spacing anymore…

The new issue now is that I’m trying to setup a sidebar (white container on the right) with a 100% height inside a Section with 100vh. The container is bleeding out from the Section. It is strange because I have another sidebar (black container on the left) setup with 100% height and it is working. Check the video below for more info.


Best regards,

Hello André,

About the original “bug”, the spacing between container is sometimes created depending on the wrapping which we choose combined with its direction.

I’ve also noticed that, sometimes when we are working in different breakpoints and change the direction of a section or container, the alligment icons don’t change to correspond to the selected direction (Check video below).


Regarding the element bleeding out of a section / container, when we set its height on desktop to 100vh, it stays fine for tablet as well. But when we look at mobile (horiz. / normal) we need to change it to 100% to get it to work (Check video below).


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