WAIT: Unable to style links

Since the introduction of v. 1.8 beta 3, some individual links cannot be styled in the builder using the typography settings, specifically the colour.

Any link that is part of a group such as in an icon list, the colour setting has no effect. I have an icon list to display links to social media pages and previously set each icon’s colour to be the brand colour of that social media company. This has now been overridden by my default link colour settings and nothing I do in the builder other than writing some bespoke CSS, works to set the colour.

The same applies in the menu where there is a sub-menu - the menu link and caret are in a div and nothing in the builder enables setting the colour of the text.

I can easily write some CSS, but it would be good to restore the previously working settings.

Hi @Nico_S ,

I tested the same case but Typography settings and the color were getting applied fine on 1.8- beta3.

Here’s a screenshot of the same: Screenshot-bricksbeta.local-2023.05.31-14_39_32 - Nimbus Capture

Do you think it may be happening under a specific condition that I’m missing? If not, can you please share a sample page URL so we can check the CSS which is applied.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your reply.

I use Automatic CSS and this seems to be the source of the problem as disabling ACSS, means the builder settings work again.

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