WAIT: Stop loading all icon libraries

Hello, all icons from icon fonts (fontawesome, ionicons, themify) are now loading on the site. I would really like to be able to turn off font libraries in settings and leave only svg.

Right now, these iconic fonts are slowing down sites and page speed complains about them. Yes, I know that if you don’t use any icon fonts, they don’t connect, but it’s still very uncomfortable that sliders and other elements have icons from different icon fonts by default.


Is it really such a big deal?

I used two sliders (regular and nested one), tested with PSI and wouldn’t say it has potential kicking me out of Google’s SERP. It adds minimum load time.

Use Perfmatters to optimize the big bloaters and then you don’t have to swaet about stuff like this…

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really hoping to get this fixed soon.


I didn’t say it was critical. I’m talking about the extra resources that affect download speeds for users with poor internet access. That’s at least 400kb extra for the site.
There is an option to disable google fonts, so I hope the developers add this little feature for better performance.


Without Perfmatters it’s 10-15% slower.
That’s why I need this function too.

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I would like also to be fixed this!

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@thomas Any chance this will be implemented?

The icon fonts should only be loaded by default on the front end as needed (if selected in an icon control). Happy to have a look at any site that loads them by default without explicitly setting them, so we can fix those outliers.


@thomas That’s a great approach to take, but it’s still worth considering as an option I feel.

Consider this: Sometimes we need to give clients access to their site to add/edit content and they’ll add icons from multiple libraries, not understanding the negative impact on page speed.

An option to disable the icon sets in the builder would save a lot of time and energy re-optimizing content.


I have this problem too. How to improve that? On the frontend there is a whole file with font awesome.