WAIT: Root container and content container widths are backwards

Bricks Version: 1.4b

I never used the container width settings in theme styles because they never seemed to work and/or how they were intended to be used was not intuitive. So I always used to set my own CSS overrides.

But now as this was supposedly improved in v.1.4 I’ve trying to use it and figure it out again. Unfortunately is still doesn’t work and/or I don’t know how to use it.

I always create at least two containers for each section on a page: an outer container (which I use a tag for, and always set to 100% page width) and an inner div, into which I place other elements or child divs. I do this so that I can set the background colour of the outer (root) container and have it span the will page width.

So I’ve create a new theme style in my site with Bricks 1.4. The root container width is set to 100%. The content width is set to 1360px.

On the front end, the outer (root) container is set to a width of 1360px, and the inner container (where my content is located) is set to 100%.

It’s backwards…what gives?


I think the content width is not the width of containers, it is the width of all content inside .brx-content div. But the problem is this rule:

#brx-content > * {
  width: 1360px;

All your root containers widths are overriden and set to 1360px, which IMHO is wrong.

The other containers (not .root) are all 100% width anyway and I guess you can’t change that in theme settings.

I think there’s a design flaw in all this content / container thing…
This is linked to other discussions about containers.

Maybe content width should only play with .brx-content width, maybe it should just be removed and we could use containers to limit content width?

Maybe a div element should be added so that we can use it to limit content width or group things.

I guess there’s no easy solution to this and it has to be thought more deeply, but the current system does not work well in my opinion.

@ainom, it seems if you want set 1360px width for all inner sections of your site, you have to:

  • set root container width = 1360px in theme settings
  • insert root container
  • stretch it to get 100% width
  • insert inner container: it will automatically be set to 1360px!
  • center inner container in root container


It is at the same time smart and awkard :wink:

But content width setting is definitely fucked up.

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Yes, totally messed up design here…I really don’t know what they were thinking. It also seems to be just as bad as it was before…not sure what got improved in v.1.4. I guess I’ll just return to my own utility classes, which automatically set the root container to 100% and the max-width of the inner container to 1360px (or whatever I set it to).

Take a look at this bug report that explains how 1.4 changes the use of containers:

Hi Eric & Yan,
The way Yan described it is correct.

The container width inside #brx-content will be overwritten if you use content width. For my part, I generally leave the content width untouched and only work with the container width. But as far as I can see, it isn’t backward.

The container looks quite simple at first sight, but if you look at it a bit more closely and take all eventualities into account, it is highly complex (as far as one can say about CSS).

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