WAIT: Problem Displaying Templates on 404 and Search Pages When Using Multiple Conditions

Bricks Version: 1.6.2
OS: macOS

[Please describe in as much detail as possible how we can replicate this bug]
I have a template I display sitewide where there are a few conditions. It’s a header template and there are two headers.

Header 1 Conditions

  • Display sitewide
  • Exlude pages where an ACF field value is set to no

Header 2

  • Display Sitewide
  • Exclude pages where an ACF value is set to yes

These conditions work just fine. Except on 404 and Search Result pages.

I created another discussion here: Display Templates on 404 or Search Pages - #2 by Sridhar - and I was directed by Sridar to use dynamic data {echo:is_404} == 1

ANd I tried adding a condition for header 1 but the template wouldn’t display on 404 or search results. I finally copied the template, removed the conditions and then created a condition using just targeting 404 and search and it worked. But now I have another template to manager. This seems like a bug to me.

I would expect that the dynamic condition should work along with my other conditions.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for reporting the issue.
I tried your conditions in another thread and it seems working good on my end here.
Could you please create a temp admin access and send it to help@bricksbuilder.io, and also include this forum thread URL together in your email?


Derp. I thought I included that. Sorry. Here’s the link to that other thread: Display Templates on 404 or Search Pages - #4 by digisavvy

Hi @digisavvy ,

Hahaha… Maybe you misunderstand my previous reply :slight_smile:
Need your help to send a temp admin access to help@bricksbuilder.io, and also include this current thread URL in the email :slight_smile: So I will refer to the link when working on our Email support channel.

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Derp. Sorry about that. I’ve sent an email with temp login info.