WAIT: Paypal, google pay, apple pay smart button doesn't dislay on checkout and cart page

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: Windows 11
URL: Cart – Firstwoosite

Hi everybody ! My problem is that Paylpal, google pay, apple pay smart button doesn’t display on checkout and cart page. I had the same problem on the product pages and I used the do action template hooks, now it works very well. But for the cart and checkout pages nothing works. I tried changing the theme and the buttons display very well on these pages, if you have an idea how to fix that that would be great, have nice day!

Hi @nathan77,

What plugin are you using for these payment methods? If they provide a shortcode then you could use that with the Shortcode element to display them.

I’m having the same issue. The payment method I’m using is Stripe, and that works on other website without Bricks

Hi @mannycostales,

Are you using a dedicated plugin for Stripe payments? If you can share temporary admin access with a staging environment (both WordPress & Stripe) to replicate the issue, we can investigate it further.

If you’re able to share access, please do so by sending the details to help@bricksbuilder.io with a link to this forum thread.