WAIT: Page Settings > add css body class. Doesn't work

This image explains it well.


I just tried it on mine, 1.9.3, and it works as expected.


Thanks for the answer. There’s no caching that I’m aware of and I restarted every server service.
I’m on WP 6.4.1 and Bricks 1.9.3
This is the url

Must be something on my installation

I’d suggest to turn this off if its on, and see if that changes. I’ve had weird issue before as well when working on a site. Probably don’t need to worry about the server one, but more the application one.



I’d clear your browser cache as well.

Thanks for your detailed help!
I have the old dashboard (vultr plan) so I don’t see any Redis and Varnish is disabled on the app.
I will ask their support for help.
Thank you for the time you invested in helping me :slight_smile:

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Hi @23devs,

Sorry for the late reply.

Did you add the class in a page’s “Page settings” or in a template’s “Page settings”?