WAIT: Nest inside Nest with Dynamic Repeater Data

Hi Everyone.

I’ve been playing around with ACF repeaters, and have managed to generate a page that displays several videos using a nested tab inside a nested accordion.

I want to try to generate a nested tab inside another nested tab using more or less what I have done in the previous one. But it didn’t work.

On the page are my two attempts, above: accordion with tab, and below: tab with tab.

Web here: Contact Center – Causa y Efecto (efectocol.com.co)

The contents of the top accordion should appear at the bottom in both nested tabs.

Here I made a test from 0, generating the nested tabs in another template, with the same configuration that does work in the accordion and tab.

Now, here is the version that works.

Can you please explain your data-structure? You have a custom post type with a repeater that contains another repeater? What is the end result you want to have?

If I understood it correctly, here is how I made working example for that:

Thank you for reading Tobsen.

The structure of the repeater ACFs is as follows.

CPT: Courses.

  • Name
  • Introductory text
  • Duration of the course
  • Units/Seasons (Repeater):
    • Unit/Season Name.
    • Lessons (Repeater):
      • Lesson name
      • Video Url

With this structure, I am looking for the following, as I managed to do in the first test using the nested accordion and the nested tab:

Let the first nest tab, return me the first repeater (Unit/Season name), and the second nest tab, return me the second repeater (Lesson name) and the name of the choice and the URL of the video.

It has already worked for me using the accordion, but I can’t get it to work with 2 nested tabs. Doing a query loop on the tabs and the internal content panels.

Ok, thank you. Then I had understood your setting correctly. I achieved that setup and its working. Please have a look at the screenshot in my last post, that works (you don’t have to limit the outer loop to 1). For the outer loop you loop over the courses. For the second loop over the units/season-repeater and on the third loop over the lessons-repeater (for the structure have a look at the screenshot).


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