WAIT: Menu disappears on scrolling and opening the inspector

Browser: Firefox and Safari
OS: macOS
URL: Die Ausstellung – Nietzsche Gesellschaft
Video: bricks-forum.mp4 - Google Drive

Hello, my menu keeps disappearing on several things. For example, when I enter the inspector by hovering. Or when I click a button on the page. It does not really disappear, but it kind of moves down. Very strange and difficult to explain. Check the video, please.

Best wishes

Hi Samed,
Thanks so much for your report!

I think the problem is caused by positon: sticky on #brx-header.sticky.on-scroll, at least the problem disappears as soon as the header is fixed (which it is then). Please try deactivating your header’s “sticky on scroll” setting.

I know it is currently a bit tricky to switch from a vertical header on the desktop to a horizontal one on mobile, but this is probably because certain settings overlap and lead to undesirable results.

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thanks for your help. You are right. Deactivating the sticky on scroll option solves the problem. But creates another one.

If the option is deactivated, the menu lies on top of the first section (see image). Any ideas how to fix that?
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You can add a margin-top to #brx-content, similar to what the sticky on scroll setting does:

@media (max-width: 1199px) {
  #brx-content {
    margin-top: var(--mobile-menu-height);