WAIT: Membership Works: Shortcode element doesn't work with some shortcodes?

So a customer of mine is having a site refresh and I’m trying to integrate a membership package they use called membership works. It has a WordPress plugin and you just stick shortcodes into pages and they just get replaced with whatever that shortcode does, i.e. display a map, a directory, a dashboard or whatever.

Thing is, I can’t get the shortcodes to work at all with Bricks. I reached out to membership works and they told me…

“The issue would be due to the page content not being processed through the WordPress the_content or widget_text filters, which is standard behavior. We have found some theme or page builders that do not do that. The most likely culprit is the page builder - so the first thing to try is to switch to the standard WordPress editor on those pages and entering the shortcode using the WordPress editor (using a Text element).”

I did that, and it worked…but I can’t get it to work with bricks using the shortcode element although it does work with the “rich text” element.

Can the shortcode element be enhanced so we can use that instead maybe?

Hey Ian,
Thanks a lot for your report, and sorry for the late reply!

Can you also repdroduce the problem with Bricks 1.7? There we use a custom filter instead of the standard filter, which fixes the problems for other membership plugin users:

Best regards,

Hi, sorry for the late reply. With 1.7 it’s not working at all.

I have tried the shortcode element, basic text element, code element and rich text element and none of them now display the content that the membership works shortcodes create.

As I stated in my previous post, rich text DID work but in 1.7 it now does NOT work.

Looks like I may need to roll back to 1.6.2.

In further testing, I have just installed a basic Wordpress theme, and the plugin shortcodes work as expected so there is definitely something broken within Bricks 1.7 that stops these shortcodes from rendering.

Hey Ian,
This is probably because we now use our own filter, which solves the problems with most of the other membership plugins. Membership works seem to work differently, but I can’t find any information.

Accordingly, please create a test environment with Bricks 1.7 and send us the access data + a link to this thread to help@bricksbuilder.io.

Hi, this has been done, thank you.

Sorry for the delay.

I also met a similar issue with the bricks shortcode element, I used Piotnet Forms to make one form for the website page contact form. When all edits are done and I insert this form shortcode into the bricks shortcode element but it does not show what I edited and only shows the form default setting appearance(like these two screenshots). I thought maybe the issue of the form, but after I tested other forms like WPForms, and Contact Form 7, all got the same situation. So now I’m pretty sure that is the brick’s shortcode element’s issue. I really need help to solve that problem, I’ll appreciate it!

Hi Hawk,
Thanks so much for your report! This report is about showing content from the MemberShip Works Plugin, so your report is completely different (it’s about Styles and Piotnet Forms).

Please create a new report and provide us with some steps to reproduce the issue. I’ve just tested it with the current Bricks 1.8 beta 3 and cannot see any styling issues (on the frontend).

Best regards,