WAIT: Low slider performance

page performance drops significantly after adding Nestable Slider. I am attaching the results. Is there a chance to fix this?

URL without slider http://serwer241496.lh.pl/
URL with slider Slider test – Kids Book Club

Please, see results: https://imgur.com/jxCu2x8

In addition, the slider jumps while loading: Slider test – Kids Book Club


Thanks so much for your report!

It is relatively difficult to evaluate the Lighthouse results on your website, as they fluctuate extremely - even on the non-slider page.

Apart from that, it sometimes takes quite a long time for anything to be displayed at all - it seems as if you have to move the mouse pointer for the slider content to be displayed. Can you deactivate the bricks lazy loading and possibly other “performance” or caching plugins?

Best regards,