WAIT: Interaction change element formatting

Browser: all
OS: macOS

Browser: all
OS: macOS

Hi Brickers,
I’m not sure if this is a bug but I tried many different ways and could not solve it.
Below I reconstruct the problem:
I have created three sections and each has a black divider.
I created a sticky navigation menu.

Through an interaction, in the first yellow section, the divider hides the sticky menu when it enters the viewport.

With another interaction, in the second blue section the black divider shows the sticky menu when it enters the viewport.

If I scroll down so that the black divider in the blue section exits the viewport, when I scroll back up and the black divider re-enters the viewport, the sticky menu changes formatting.

Below I put a video and some pictures.


Thanks and regards,

Hi Daniele,
Looks like you’ve added the .nav-sticky class to the Nav menu and not to the STICKY MENU wrapper :thinking:

At least that would explain why the menu disappears, but the rest (button and wrapper) remains.

Hi timmse,
thanks for your quick reply.

As you can see from the two videos below, the .nav-sticky class is only associated with the STICKY MENU wrapper and not with contained elements.

Compared to the initial video, I have only increased the height of the STICKY MENU wrapper so that you can also see the menu.




It would be really helpful if I could access http://venicecuratorialcourse.com/?page_id=280 :slight_smile:

At the moment, the site is not reachable unless you edit the hosts file. In a few days I will publish it so you can see.

Hi @timmse
The site is on line. You can check following page to check the issue:

I also upgraded to the 1.9.3


It changes to display: block, but should be flex:

display: block;

display: flex;