WAIT: How to access Meta Box grouped & cloneable custom fields?

Hi there, I’ve created a meta box with a cloneable custom field group.
I want to display all clone instances of that custom field group within the corresponding post template.
Unfortunately, the fields are not shown.

What I’ve done:
I’ve created a custom post type “interests”. For that post type I’ve added a cloneable group containing a dropdown and a few number input fields.
I’ve further created an example post with prefilled values and now want to style the post type template.

I’ve populated the post template using the example post.
Now I want to display all groups, including their fields, using the dynamic data function.
But the corresponding context menu doesn’t display the meta box custom fields.

I assume that I forgot a step and would like to know if there is any further documentation related Meta Box and Bricks Builder? In case you’ve run into that “issue” too - could you please share your experience and solution with me?

Thank you!


Hello @Haidosu

The current Bricks version doesn’t support Meta Box Group fields. We have a similar feature request for ACF repeater (Ideas – Bricks). I would invite you to upvote this idea on the Bricks ideas board and maybe insert a comment to consider Meta Box Groups.


Hi @luistinygod.

Thank you for your reply - and I thought I was the problem! :sweat_smile:
I’ll up vote the linked idea. :+1:

Have a nice weekend!


The problem also exist with groups and cloneable / repeater fields in ACF Pro as well. Cant use either product for my clients existing FAQ layouts. This seems like a pretty critical item to support for Dynamic data.