WAIT: Header - Sticky causes page jump

Bricks Version: 1.3.7 Stable
Browser: Chrome 96.x
OS: Windows 10.x
URL: -

I’m currently using the sticky header, and it appears that the stable version changed the reaction of the sticky header by causing the entire page to shift to the bottom of the header container when you start to scroll. It appears correctly on the backend and functions as expected.

It ‘was’ working on the beta, FYI, and appears to be jumping based on what is in the content area and what is in the header.


Hi Lyle, a live link would be very helpful :pray:

@timmse I’ll send you a link directly. It’s still a dev site so not really wanting to be public.

Hi @timmse, Any headway or thoughts on this? I have some other ‘suggestions’ for the backend builder part as well for the UI/UX, but the difference between the backend and frontend doesn’t match visually in behavior as a reminder.

Hi Lyle, sorry for getting back late!
It seems like the calculation of your header height is wrong. At my current viewport width, it should be 232px high, but the position top value is 431px, which is causing the jump.

Can you please send temporary login credentials + a link to this thread to help@bricksbuilder.io?

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@timmse So, I tried to remove all the customization from the header being sticky, etc. Just vanilla header. Also removed all paddings, margins, etc. as a test. Still jumps. I’ll send you a login PM.

Hi Lyle, thanks a lot for the login data!

I think I’ve found the problem.
The image was causing the jump in somehow influencing the calculated height. I’ve used the logo element instead, and it works fine.

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So, I would consider this a bug then, no?

Well, the problem is solved isn’t it :wink: ?
I’ll recheck with the upcoming bricks version - if the problem still exists, I’ll add it to our bug tracker.

Well, I mean that what if I want to put a ‘image’ into the header that isn’t necessarily the logo. That would potentially cause the same issue, right? So to me, this appears to be a bug.

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I can’t reproduce the problem: https://vimeo.com/678861884/05c49664c9

Until I can do that, I won’t confirm it as a bug. As I said, I don’t currently know what’s causing your problem (you’re the first with this issue) and I’ll recheck with the next version.