WAIT: Form and WPML: No action has been set for this form

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS
URL: https://dev.logif.click/
Video: Jam

I am experiencing an error that I cannot resolve. I have a multilingual website with WPML. On the website, I created a popup that contains a Bricks form. This form has three actions: email, save submission, and custom action. I duplicated the popup with the form in the English version and it maintains the same actions. However, when I try to use it, one of them allows me to perform the actions, while the other does not. If I go to modify the form in the English version it works correctly, but then the Spanish version stops working and gives me the same error.

I have also tried with ProForms from BricksForge and the problem is exactly the same, what could be happening?

Hi @luismola,

I just saw your email with the login credentials, thank you! we’ll investigate and see what could be going wrong.

Hi charaf! I have noticed that the form works if I take it out of the popup. However, if it is running in the popup, it generates an error. We finally opted to create a page with form inside

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