WAIT: Filter check box and submit button elements

First, Congrats! I’m extremely happy. I always end up using/paying for 3rd party plugins for something like this that I’ve always felt should be part of themes/builders.

  1. NEEDS reset button: after you check several things you have to undo all the checks
    or if you check something that returns an error/blank etc you have to refresh the page.
    This is a bug because all the categories disappeared and just left a submit button.

  2. Actually this is a weirder bug than I described. Sometimes all categories disappear when I hit submit. Turns out, when logged in a category shows 1 item which is a draft. If I try to load that it erases all the categories

  3. in the builder, submit button text: always shows as "Filter"no matter what you type in, live site updates correctly

Example of a filter I have with a reset from a 3rd party plugin…
I’m redoing this entire site with Bricks this yr:

I hope you add some of the basic checkbox filter element features to the post element’s filter…

Browser: Firefox
OS: windows 11 pro

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There is “Reset” button just under Submit button. You need to select “reset” under Action, like in screenshot:


Thank you,

I guess what I find confusing is other plugins limit the term “submit” to just submit button and “reset” to just the reset button therefore I looked no further within a button named “submit”.

For someone like me I’d suggest naming the element “Filter Button” vs “Filter Submit”.
I understand reset is a form of “submit” but still…

Am I also right that this all has to be in the same container for the filter to affect the posts? If so we may have to go through a bit if we want those buttons side by side. Not much but traditionally I put the buttons in separate divs but that seems to break its affect.

I don’t know. In introduction video I saw that filters may be in different places and need only point proper query … Didn’t check if it’s working with Submit/Reset button.

Hi Ryan,
Thanks so much for your report!

  1. As already mentioned, you can add a reset button :white_check_mark:

I can’t detect any problems, no matter where the buttons are located (as long as they are on the same page and have the correct query assigned).

  1. unfortunately I can’t reproduce this problem either, because I can’t select the category in my case because it contains 0 posts (the one post assigned to it is set to draft).

  2. I cannot reproduce this problem either.

Have you installed and activated another filter plugin? If so, you should deactivate it to prevent any problems. Please test it again in a clean installation - if you still have the same problems, I need reproducible steps :v:

-create a new post, name it, keep it as draft
-create a category “FAKE CAT” that is new and only have the single draft post
-refresh the screen that has your filter and the new category will show while you’re logged in (image 1)
-click on the checkbox for that category “FAKE CAT” and the entire filter disappears (image 2)
-click your reset button and the filter returns but that fake category is gone (image 3)
-hit refresh browser and it returns to normal

Sorry, I deactivated all my plugins and it still occurs.
I have around 20 sites and when I have time I’ll test it again.

Would you be so kind as to send temporary login credentials to one of your sites, information on where we can find the filter, and a link to this thread to help@bricksbuilder.io using the email address you used during the purchase?