WAIT: Extra language translation when using shortcode

When using the shortcode to add a shortcode to bricks.
There is an extra field to translate with sitename//wp-includes/js/tinymce/skins/lightgray/img/loader.gif

I see this field popping up also on other occasions but can only confirm that it’s there when using shortcode fields.

i send a login to helpdesk for this so you can see your self

Hi @Johan,

I’m unable to replicate this one. Can you please share a screenshot of the classic editor screen and let me know which page contains this shortcode?

Thank you.


as you can see on the screenshot for the dutch translation , there is a tinymce gif translation in there.

Hi @Johan,

Thank you again for the details. I’m not sure where that URL is coming from as when I create a new Bricks page with the same shortcode + a basic text element this is what I see:

We can exclude shortcodes from translations but I wonder if it could be useful to keep it? :thinking: in Gutenberg the shortcode is excluded so I’m leaning towards excluding it.

As for the URL, as you may know after a string is registered with WPML it would still show up even after deleting the element. So it could be from something you’ve added earlier perhaps?

please keep the translation of shortcode, WSFORM has a different shortcode between languages, so i need to enter a different code for the form in NL as it is for french.

i could replicated it in chrome , no extensions loaded , added a new page , added a section (with container) , added only a div under the container.
saved page
go to translation , bang its in there.
(sometimes my loaded extensions in FF and Chrome can play up , Ghostery , privacy badger and adblock plus :wink:

Hi Johan,

Yes, weirdly enough I was able to replicate it on your setup by adding a section and an empty div but couldn’t replicate it locally. Could you please try disabling all plugins and giving it another go?

found the culprit that is causing this issue : without BricksUltimate i dont have the issue , when i activcate the plugin again , i have the text again.
Will you contact the developer or should i contact him ?

Hi @Johan, as this is caused by BricksUltimate it’s best if you can get in touch with them :slight_smile:

Can you update the plugin and test it again?

Did the update to 1.4 , added a new page , with a div , no extra translation available (what is a good thing :wink: )

bug resolved for me , thx