WAIT: Duplicate variable with colors defined in Bricks

Browser: Edge 111
OS: Kubuntu 22.10

I’ve noticed that the colors defined in Bricks are duplicating, it doesn’t bother me, but I’m reporting it because maybe there is another problem related to this:

The definition is in the main (index) file of the page. In this section:

        <style id='bricks-frontend-inline-inline-css'>
            /* COLOR VARS */
            :root {

Hi Jacek,
Thanks so much for your report!

Is it possible that you imported the same color palette twice? Have a look at your color palettes, if you have the same palette twice, this is probably the reason.

Best regards,

I don’t know what you mean exactly. I made the palettes by hand, adding each color separately. I didn’t import anything.

Explained in more detail:

If you have imported a community/remote template at some point, you will be asked if you also want to import the color palette. If you import the template multiple times, you will be asked multiple times. If you import the color palettes multiple times, the color palettes also appear multiple times in the dropdown, accordingly the colors are then also available twice or three times.

That would be at least one explanation for it. I can’t see where your colors come from in your original report, so that was my first guess.

Example with custom palettes: I created a palette by hand and added 4 colors. Then I exported this palette, renamed it, and imported it again, which results in the colors being duplicated since the color ID is still identical.

One Palette:

Imported the same Palette » duplicated colors

Unfortunately, this is a dead end.
I’ve never exported or imported color palettes (on any of the three sites I’ve made with Bricks Builder so far). And the site I’m currently working on (and this is where I see the reported problem) was created completely from scratch, I didn’t rely on any pre-made templates, everything was created by “clicking” and writing. The only thing I do and can relate to is copying and pasting code (from the Structure panel) between pages and templates. Perhaps this is the way it happened, I don’t know.

Don’t worry about it for now, it’s not a big hassle, maybe it will clear up with others.

In fact, a serious problem I wrote about in another thread is palette management, I need to transfer dozens of colors from Default palette to the new one and I don’t know how to do it.

Ok, it could also be caused by copying an existing color and pasting it into another palette. As I said, it is difficult to understand.

To “copy” a color from one palette to another you have to recreate it in the other palette. That means you copy e.g. hex code (or the RAW value if it is a variable), paste it into the new palette and save. Repeat this for each color.

Alternatively you can export the palettes as json and open them with a code editor, adjust them and import them again which is probably faster than doing it in the interface if you have multiple colors.