WAIT: Can't Run Regnerate Code Signatures

Updating my sites one by one and have one that won’t allow me to regenerate code signatures. I’ve run the code review, which is output this:

And enabled code execution, but “Regenerate code signatures” does nothing when clicked. Have refreshed, signed out and back in. Just not working

First you need enable code execution and press the safe button at the buttom. Only then you can regenerate it…

I’ve already done that. I’ve followed the process completely, and it has worked on all sites until this one

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Hi @Pete,

If you’re still facing issues with this website, please feel free to share temporary admin access to help@bricksbuilder.io with a link to this forum thread so we can investigate further.

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Turn on debug logging and check the log in case any errors were generated.
Also check the web dev console in case it could be JS errors.

You can also try disabling as many other plugins as possible just in case any of those are getting in the way.

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