WAIT: Builder items not visible

It had been a long time since I updated my webpage. Maybe updates broke it but what’s currently visible while browsing the site does not appear on builder. How can I fix this?

Please see images below.

Hi Melih,
Thanks so much for your report!

From which version did you update? A lot has happened in the meantime, and it’s impossible to tell from the screenshots what the problem is - but my guess is the following:

Please have a look at the other changelog entries too.

Best regards,

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately I don’t remember the last version we used. Also that part of the changelog didn’t solve the problem either. Interestingly when I add totally new items they also don’t show up.


Would you be so kind as to send temporary login credentials and a link to this thread to help@bricksbuilder.io using the email address you used during the purchase?