WAIT: 1.5 RC doesn't work with Chrome Version 87.0.4280.141 and Mac OS 10.10

Bricks Version: 1.5 RC
Browser: CHROME - Version 87.0.4280.141 (Build ufficiale) (x86_64)
OS: macOS 10.10

I don’t see my structure on the right panel and i don’t see also the site on my builder, i don’t see the viewport icon on the top of the builder.
With the 1.5 Beta Version everything works fine, but with the 1.5 RC version i have these issues.

Chrome and macOS are old, i know, i can’t upgrade Chrome because of Mac OS version, and i can’t update Mac OS.
Why with this 1.5 RC version the builder it doesn’t work but with the 1.5 Beta Version the builder works?

Many thanks

Hello @uavide

Is the site online? Could you please share login credentials with us via help@bricksbuilder.io ?

@uavide - Doing web development on old hardware means you can’t test using current browser builds and trying to support an OS that is six major revisions back would be a complete waste of Bricks developer time IMHO.

You should look at deploying Linux or Chrome OS on that old relic. If you can at least you would be able to run more modern browsers.

Chrome OS → Certified models list - Chrome OS Flex Help

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Thanks, i checked and of course it has “Minor issues expected” with my IMac.
Sound strange to me that with beta version it works everything fine and with R.C. version it doesn’t.
Maybe do you know why?
So for use Bricks and test chrome with Bricks i have to change Computer…ahah…it sounds like a joke but unluckily it’s true.
P.S. This kind of bul***** happends with MAC and not with Windows, i have a laptop with win 7 (14years old) and everything works fine.

Not off hand and I would have to replicate your environment, and test on a similar build which I don’t see much value of doing. All my old macs run Linux :).

Ok thanks, here:
Apple iMac 12,1 - Minor issues expected
It happends also with a similar machine like mine to a guy that i know.
Same problem.
Anyway i will use bricks with Firefox on the backend and test on the frontend.
In any case i can see the site in the frontend with my chrome version, it doesn’t work just the backend of bricks builder, where i build my sites.
If you think that find and fix this kind of issues it needs lot of time and it’s not useful, it’s your decision.
Maybe when you release the stable 1.5 version it will work…who knows.
Thanks Davide

Hi @uavide, I am speaking as a developer who uses bricks. Not as a representative.

I prefer using FF myself. Good luck on your endeavors.

Thanks, i appreciate your help.