Visual Bricks Builder

I saw this the other day on an Elementor plugin called ElementsKit:

They offer a Widget(Element) builder for Elementor in their package. I thought this was a clever way to offer easy access and a simple approach to encapsulate a CSS/JS/HTML “Bricks” and offer some controls to make them reusable.

They demo it here:


I’d love something like this I’ve been using unlimited elements for elementor to do mine and currently using html element to create widgets myself and saving as templates.

I’ve requested something like this via help email and it doesn’t seem to be something that’s going to be worked on.

This would be very interesting. I’ve tried both the ElementsKit version and the Unlimited Elements version and Unlimited Elements widget builder is much better / you can do more with it.

If that is the case, I hope they reconsider as it is a killer feature. There is also a Gutenberg Plugin doing something similar and CSS tricks has so many useful snippets that could be converted into these simple kind of blocks (and many more sources):

This is very cool - and so easy to add controls.

No limitation to what could be done, beyond coding skill - or, for some, ability to lift code from other sites :slight_smile:

That sounds like stealing… :grimacing:

But most of the CSS and UI examples are anyway MIT or CC0… so its more a “porting tool” for the builder as there are limitations. As these type of bricks would mostly be visual and bricks doing deeper integrations would probably still require a developer … but for many UI stuff this would make it easy to create and given a community tab probably easy to share these bricks (maybe, bricklets?).

I can see the use of term bricklets having a big future

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Will be greate if with the marketplace of templates, this function will also be added with support for the marketplace. More designers and developers will be able to sell their templates and widgets with a commission for the sale (just not such that there would be a war like Apple with Fortnite)

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Yes it came up in a discussion recently. I also agree… having something like this could benefit the builder as it resides below professional “Bricks” add-ons and hence, allows custom “Bricklets” in a matter of minutes and is very design and client specific. Much like playing around with a code pen.