Variable manager and variable picker enhancements

Have now been using the new variable stuff and have the following suggestions:

  1. in the Variable Manager, if you select a group and then import or manually add a variable, put the variable(s) into the selected group and not into the Uncategorized group from which they then have to be moved.

  2. in the Variable Manager, lock variable names and values and add a pencil icon to allow editing of them. Category names are locked until you select the category and click the pencil so please make it consistent. Having names and values unlocked by default makes it very easy to mistakenly change something without realising. Clicking the pencil would either open the variable in a pop-up or in another area of the Variable Manager for editing.

  3. In the Variable Manager, change the width of the variable name field so that more of the variable value is shown. Clamp functions are truncated so you cannot see the whole value.

  4. In the Variable Manager when you click the create button (floppy disk) having manually added a variable or if you imported variables, please add a message that you still have to click save otherwise the variables are lost when you leave the page. A browser message saying you have unsaved changes is not enough. Better still why not simply commit the changes so you don’t have to press save?

  5. If you have a lot of variables, the variable picker is almost unusable. Please add an option (at the top of the picker and also in Bricks settings to be default) to auto-collapse all groups so that you can quickly scroll to the group you want and then expand it.

  6. In the variable picker, please add an option (at the top of the picker and also in Bricks settings to be default) to hide the variable values so all you see are the names. This will also make the list much shorter and easier to read if you have long values that wrap in the picker (like clamp functions).

  7. In the variable picker, please try and sort the width of the name field so that the value field does not run up against it and that the entire name is shown on one line rather than being wrapped:

Perhap auto-expand the picker width so that all names and values fit on one line?

  1. The variable picker is also too short when you have a lot of variables. It should expand to consume all available vertical space below the field that activated it.
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I would prefer it if the value were not displayed at all. If I have added the variable myself, I should already know its value. Therefore, there is no need to display it, especially since the value can become quite lengthy in some instances. Alternatively, they could provide an option to hide the value, similar to the feature available for dynamic data.

I have some more additions for the variable manager:

Allow different value for the breakpoints. This opens up sooo much flexibility.
But of course it should be clearly visible if breakpoint values are set up.