Using Bricks to edit a post - is it possible?

Is it possible to use Bricks to create and edit posts?
I can create a template and set the Post Content element to use Bricks data, but I can’t see how to actually populate the post from within Bricks. Am I missing something?

Why you may ask? Well I really really detest GB and so far every user I’ve shown it to has also found it totally baffling ( These users are not techies and just need to post some content. ). So I need an alternative.
I have been trying to use Front End posts that define exactly what the users can input. Seems to work well apart from when I try with CPT’s that have custom fields. Hence hoping I could use Bricks ( esp as I can control the users access )


Yes. It is possible.

This is a post. I choose edit post with Bricks.
First you will need to enable this setting in the setting.

Ok think I understand now, thanks.

So looks like the solution for me has to be front end forms with very specific fields and layout. Letting my users see Bricks will confuse them just as much as GB.
Luckily I’ve come across FrontEnd Admin which even lets you create custom fields in the form and save them to a CPT, so no need for ACF even.