Unable to set the page/post title for SEO purposes without post title element showing these changes

Bricks allows the page/post title and meta description to be set for SEO purposes in Settings >> Page Settings >> SEO >> Title (Displayed in search results, social networks and web browser. Recommended: Max. 60 characters.). However, when a full SEO title is set (e.g. Site Name | Short description), then this also affects the Post Title element (https://snipboard.io/XARZ8e.jpg). Is there a way of having the full SEO title set, and using the truncated page/post title only in the Post Title element?

Help. This issue/misunderstanding is stopping me from publishing my first Bricks site.

Perhaps I should explain more clearly. I have added the Post Title element into the header, so that each page on the site shows the post title in header (e.g. Home, Cookie Policy). This works fine. However, if I add a <60 character page title for SEO purposes in the page settings (e.g. Site Name | This page shows x, y, z), then this full title reders in the Post Title element instead.

Is it the case that the Page Title element can only be used if a full SEO page title is not set, and an SEO plugin is used to set the page title and meta description? Or am I missing soemthing here?

Resolved by setting {post_title} in a heading element.