UI issue - Unable to find sections (Video Included)

Bricks Version: 1.4-rc
Chrome 90

There is not an intuitive way to access the full width sections again on a page. Video included to explain further.


Hey Diane

Glad you found your way onto the forum. :slight_smile:

I didn’t understand what you meant at first, but I ‘think’ I finally understood.

It was something that I highlighted a while back where because there is no space on the canvas when you use full-width containers (or there is not enough space at space/gutters on either side of your containers you are unable to get to the top level, i.e. not having a container selected.

So any time you choose a new section, it goes within a highlighted section, and you have to reposition it as you highlighted in your video.

The solution you offered was good; I usually find myself clicking this area repeatedly to remove the highlighted container.

Try to create a new section between two sections, and you will come up against the same issue. The container controls do not have an option. Currently, it uses two for pretty much the same function.

p.s. not sure if it is classed as a bug but more as a feature request/improvement thought :thinking:

Hi Michael

Yes that’s exactly what I mean. I assumed it was a bug as I’m sure this was not what was intended to happen.

Hi @Misslaidlaw and @Michael,

I totally agree that we should be able to directly add or insert a section wherever we want.

So there should be a different insert layout button in container controls which would propose root container and section options and actually insert it after the current root container.

Same for the + Elements / Container: At the end if nothing is selected or after the root container of the selected element.

Or within the existing insert layout buttons, offer options for root location.

By the way, I managed to UNSELECT everything by clicking in under the structure and pressing ESCAPE :slight_smile:

@Misslaidlaw Haha awesome, I am glad it wasn’t me going off on a tangent.

Yes for sure, I do not know either way i guess it considered as both really haha.

Haha nice one @yankiara I will give that a go. :partying_face:

Great tip . Thanks for that. I kept on saving and refreshing the page

Yes same problem
Its so annoying… I was searching a lot to add another section (container)

Also the ui of the editor must improve make the tools show up around each container be more visible and bigger

Hi Diane,
Thanks for your post and sorry for the late feedback.

I saved the post for later because I saw it picking up steam - and multiple opinions are always better than one. Since it’s not a critical bug, I think that’s ok.

The pre-built layouts were introduced in Bricks 1.4, which is still in development so we appreciate every suggestion. I agree with you that adding another section layout from a certain number of sections is not as easy as it should be (by the way, you can also click in the top bar and then press ESC ^^).

I’ll definitely raise the issue again within the team. Thank you all for your input!

Best regards,