Trigger query loop update, and filter query via AJAX

I’m aiming to create a simple AJAX search that uses a Form element and a Query Loop.

The idea is that when the form is sent, the query loop updates and filters the posts using the form input.

I know I could use a search plugin for this, or code an entire new search element, but I’m trying to avoid that. If I can connect the form submission, with the query and refresh the items dynamically, that should be enough.

Is there any JavaScript event that I can trigger to refresh the query? I imagine that this already exists, since the Pagination element must use it to retrieve/update the query.

And the second issue would be to pass the form field value to filter the query but one step at the time XD

Thanks for any ideas!


check this out:

and this one:

The second I implemented at my page and it works great.