Thoughts on changing the name of Block element to column?

Hello Everyone

I know that the Block element is a topic for debate. I’m relatively new to web design and wouldn’t use pre-made templates. I’d instead use the DIV and style it myself.

I can see why the bricks team included the block element to make it easier for beginners. For example, some business owners can’t afford to hire a credible web designer and opt to build a simple website themselves.

I also felt there wouldn’t be any more surprises like adding the block element in the RC. The bricks team is way better than anything else on the market.

The main point of this thread is to ask the following:

  • What does everyone feel about renaming the block element to a column?

  • Are there other names better suited?

I just wanted to stress that this thread is more about how to help beginners.

I think block is better suited than column. Column insinuates that they can’t be stacked vertically.

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This is a good point. @thomas @timmse I’m happy for this to be deleted or stay as it is for everyone else to see.

For me, I have no more objections to the new Block Element.