This checkbox ruining Accessibility score

it is just normal checkbox but failing accessibility.
there is even ul li there but still thinks there is no ul .

any idea how to fix this issue ?


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lookslike this is related to this .

interesting it says fixed but not fixed ? @timmse

anyway I will fix this myself for now

but this need to be fixed in core too :slight_smile:

  document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {

    // Select all .form-group ul elements
    const formGroupLists = document.querySelectorAll('.form-group ul');

    formGroupLists.forEach(ul => {
      // Create a new div element
      const newDiv = document.createElement('div');

      Array.from(ul.children).forEach(li => {
        const newLiDiv = document.createElement('div');

        newLiDiv.innerHTML = li.innerHTML;


      // Replace the ul with the newDiv in the DOM
      ul.parentNode.replaceChild(newDiv, ul);




Hi Sinan,
Sorry for the late reply. I can’t find any problems with the accessibility of the checkbox. If you can still reproduce the problem, please change the category of the report to “Bugs” and tell me how I can reproduce it.


this was related to area and label I think in the design there was no label so I didn’t use it that gave the lighthouse score drop.
I fixed it later.