Theme Styling Sample content for every element

Loving the ability to create all the theme style in one place but the problem is that, there is no template that contains all of those elements. Can we have a sample page that has everything found in the theme style and then we can style it accordingly?

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Hey @Imageburst

This is strange, I was about to link you to the idea on the idea board. The reason I know about it was it was my suggestion very early on. I just went to find it to share but it has been removed or retitled :face_with_monocle:

But yes I agree - imagine going to typography and it had six headings (h1-h6) and a body text so you can see the styling. Then you clicked on the button and it shows the default button etc so you can instantly style it.

But yeah it was there but now not or at least not from my last search anyway.

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@Michael Nice one! I went to put this up on the ideas board, but didn’t post it.

Something like this would be great imo:

If you find that idea, please let me know. Will upvote for sure :slight_smile:


Exactly @Deanphillips! A best practice is to set up your theme styles before designing the site; the issue is you do not have a barebones site to begin with, making it harder to visualise without adding the random elements.

So each area within the theme styles when you open that section, button, accordion, an icon etc., would be prepopulated as per your video.

I do remember I posted it as a guest, and I think @thomas added it; I remember it having some votes 50 - 150 the last time I checked (not great), but I do remember I wrote it quite quickly, so it seemed a little bit gibberish and remembered giggling as Thomas did a good job or trying to reword it.

However, it still sounded a little vague; perhaps it’s why it didn’t get many votes and possibly why Thomas may have removed it, thinking, ‘what the hell did I add this for’ hahaha.

Does it ring any bells for you, Thomas?

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Hello all,

you can easily create this as a section template with all the elements (or the ones that are important to you) and export it afterwards, so you can use it directly next time - like a kind of style guide.

If this was ever part of the Idea Board or still is I can’t say.

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I realized that was an option but like the it was previously stated, having a boilerplate to start from rather than from ground zero is something that would help speed up the process, so including all the elements would work in this case and you can just exclude whatever isn’t used or needed. I’m hoping @thomas, seriously considers this.

Heck even elementor now has a basic wireframe that I think includes (if not all) many of it’s base elements.

Thank you all for your input and comments, glad to know I’m not the only one feeling some kind of way on this.

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