The New Lytbox Academy Site

The new Lytbox Academy site here :point_down: (MVP launch)

Built with Bricks, Advanced Themer, and Bricks Extra

Also using FluentCRM + StudioCart with lots of automations and custom development for extra functionality.


Looks fantastic! Did you use any other tools such as CSS frameworks or templates at all? I really hope you start publishing more Bricks content on your YouTube channel btw :slight_smile: I always enjoyed your videos even on Elementor.

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@d19dotca big thanks! No templates and I used my own framework along with AT keeping it minimal.
Much appreciated and I’ll be creating Bricks content in the future. Bricks is a beast and I’m loving it!


The next converted from elementor! Congrats :+1:t4:

How you make testimonials with draggable and little movement?
What the plugin?

well done, looks great

is possible to know how this section was created?

I’m interested in this card layout to use for a product layout

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Thanks! All I did was add the items in a block and style the outer block like a card. The pricing section uses an inner block and the price is using ACF custom post type make it sales easier to manage.

The overall carousel is custom built with Flickity. We’ve been using our own carousels from back in the Elementor days because they’re much smoother and lighter. Though Bricks Extras has a very light and smooth carousel. do you have time for a project? I would like to create the landing pages for an existing application created in python and somehow to display data from django app on wordpress landing pages. PM me for more info if you are available.

Best looking site I’ve seen in the showcase so far. (I’ve viewed about 20 showcase sites.)

This is superb. Love the design, it’s gorgeous! chefs kiss