Text visibility problem

Good morning, why i see the same text with the same css with Bricks in a way and with another builder in another way…i don’t know if i can explain, but with another builder the text it’s smooth and like it has to be, with bricks it’s not smooth and it seems that some pixels of the letters are missing.
The text with this problem it’s: SCEGLI LA DESTINAZIONE
First image it’s about the problem with bricks
Second image it’s the right one with other builder


Hi Davide,

Can you provide the links for both the pages?

of course:

Bricks: DPlugins Intro inside Bricks – Il mio blog
Divi: LIDO DI LENNO TAXI BOAT | Il mio blog

If you install the chrome extension whatfont you can see there are weight, size and font differences

Thanks i add the extension but i don’t see any difference, just that the font from bricks site doesn’t say: Font served by Google Webfonts.
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Hi, think problem is probably josefin 400 is not loaded in bricks version, only 300. In Divi version 400 is loaded.