Template display conditions

I’ve read that you should always set conditions for templates or pages won’t display.

That said, I’ve created a template that I intend to use on 5 pages that I have yet to create. However, as I havent created the pages yet, how can I set conditions for the template.

When creating a new page, I can insert the template I created earlier and publish the page and it does display.

So, do I really have to go back and create a condition for the template that includes the page I created?

Hope that makes sense.

If your page includes a section that uses an element template, you don’t need to consider conditions when creating a new page. If your template type is a section, you can set the conditions to be “entire website,” and you can use the template on any page you desire.

Hi, I’m still a little confused. The tuts I’ve watched so far don’t expand much on template conditions or maybe I havent found the right tut yet.

By setting the condition to “entire website” I’m interpreting this as the template will be applied to all pages in the entire webite by default. Like it does in the header/footer templates.

Are you saying by settng the condition to entire website it means that it “can” be used on all pages and is not a default? This is what’s confusing me because I’ve set up templates with no conditions and I’ve been able to use them on all the new pages, so why set a condition to entire website.

The confusion is probably due to Bricks using confusing terms like “Templates”.
There are two types of templates that I, personally, think should have different names.

  1. What I understand by template is the Header, Footer, Single type. These should have a condition to control where they appear.
  2. Templates such as section that are included in pages using the Template element. I think these should have a different name. Generally these shouldn’t need a condition, although you can of course add them. To me these are more like global elements, but that name now seems claimed by the soon to arrive new Global Element ( Whose purpose rather eludes me, at least after watching the video. )

Lol clear as mud eh?


Of course, the section template will still work whether you set conditions or not. Setting conditions for it will simply provide a sense of psychological reassurance. :smile:

Essentially, the templates: sections, search results, and error pages are ones that you don’t need to set conditions for, but you can still set conditions for them if you want them to display in specific cases.

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[quote=“alanj, post:4, topic:16678”] I think these should have a different name.

Yeah, with you there. Im not sure what the logic is for callng them templates.

[quote=“alanj, post:4, topic:16678”] soon to arrive new Global Element( Whose purpose rather eludes me, at least after watching the video.

Dare I ask for a link to said video? Ducks and hides lol.

I’m finding Bricks very confusing which puzzles me as I got to grips with Oxy, Weblow etc really easily. I think part of the confusion (for me) comes from watching the videos - i.e they take far too long to get to the point so I end up switching off. I’ve been watching some other youtubers vids and I’m learning more 5 mins than I can in the fficial vids.

Or drive me insane :crazy_face:

I’ll stick to not setting conditions and give my brain a rest - that seems to be working for now at least. Cheers

Sure, its the latest on their official channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKF_U_BpyhA

I find the official videos are good for introducing new things but less useful as tutorials, but that’s not really their aim.

WpTuts https://www.youtube.com/@WPTuts
Web Squadron https://www.youtube.com/@websquadron
Dave Foy https://www.youtube.com/@DesignBuildWeb
Kevin Geary https://www.youtube.com/@Gearyco
quite a few others out there.

All worth a look. Just have to choose one with a presenting style that suits you.

odd, I went from Elementor ( not much fun as always seemed to come up against limits, blockers or annoyances ) a very brief dally with oxygen ( didn’t get on with that at all ), then Webflow ( Ok but whole environment limiting - promises not delivered - have they even released their membership solution yet? ). Bricks I found very easy to get started with and it keeps growing and pushing me. Starting to use classes now which is a bit of a revelation ( yes despite using Webflow, only just understanding them ).
Found you do need some add ons to get the most out of it.
Currently I mainly use …
Advanced Themer

Thanks for the link!

The official videos, I’m not sure who they are aimed at but they are like watching paint dry. Echoed by some interesting chats with other devs this past few weeks who have tried Bricks. They’ve all said using any new builder, you can usually install it, poke around and get up & running quickly without RTFM. With Bricks…most said every time they tried to use it, they needed to look for videos to see what the heck to do, and sitting through them, an entire day is gone.

I’ve checked all this YT folks. Web squadron - just superb. WpTuts - close 2nd. DF - good videos once you get past the cringey humour. KG - really didn’t enjoy his vids. He’s way too SHOUTY and too preachy - even my wife remarked - “that guy really shouts”.

Thanks for the list of add-ons. I’ve installed AT and I already use WPGB but I’m reluctant to install anything else. All I seem to see with many addons for Bricks is the “this won’t work without ACSS” small print. That makes me wary. I’ve never used ACSS on any site, never needed it and seen a lot of folk asking why ACSS is needed.

Anyhoo, it’s Friday and I’m rambling. :sweat_smile: