SVG Links / Link Element


I just stumbled upon a problem: i want to use a SVG multiple times on a site, sometimes in a light version, sometimes in a dark version (change fill color) and the SVG should be linked to a website.

So far there is no way to do this (except for a custom code block):

  • not with the SVG element (no link field)
  • not with the image element (can´t change the fill color because the svg is linked)
  • not with the logo element (which is basically the same as the image element)
  • and not with a link element (because that doesn´t exist yet)

Possible Solutions:

  1. Add a link field to the SVG Element
  2. Add a general Link Element, that wraps everything inside a link
  3. Change the image element / logo element from “img src” to inline svg if an svg is used


Just found out that the icon element has a link field and if a custom SVG is used instead of a predefined icon, it´s exactly what i need.

But still … the SVG element should also have a link field :wink: