Support ACF Photo Gallery


Would you consider adding support for ACF Photo Gallery Field (third party plugin).

I got the field to display in the builder by adding a couple of bits to the provider-acf.php file.

Same as gallery:

case ‘photo_gallery’:
‘photo_gallery’ => [ self::CONTEXT_TEXT, self::CONTEXT_IMAGE ],

But the syntax is a little different for this field so it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks, Danny.


@timmse any help with this please. Thanks!

Hi guys,
Third-party ACF (or other dynamic data providers) plugins are only partially supported.

However, we do support the regular ACF Gallery Field (which is unfortunately only available in the Pro version of ACF). Would you be so kind as to add the request to the Idea Board? That way, we can see if there are more users with a need.

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Thanks @timmse Ive added it to the ideas board.

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Hope to see deeper integration and full support for ACF, Meta Box etc. in future versions of Bricks Builder, Oxygen, Divi and Elementor, are way ahead with much deeper integration and full field type support.

Well, they’ve been working on it for a few years longer :smiley: :v:


Oh for sure! But it would be nice if you guys put a higher priority on dynamic data support, as many of the other features people ask for are not as fundamental to building flexible and quality sites as dynamic data. But love the product, hopefully the 1.4 rewrite will be amazing and solve lots of bugs and problems.

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If we could save some $ by not buying ACF PRO just for gallery field, that would be great. I would love to use this dynamic data in a Carousel element.

We could work around this by using an “Output PHP function” dynamic data tag, but it doesn’t work in this context as per WIP: 1.4(beta) Image URL php dynamic data not working

@timmse s of 1.4.2 or 1.5 do you see any working, temporary solution to use this plugin’s gallery field in Carousel?

Btw. I don’t see this on the Idea Board and would love to upvote it. I know you guys don’t have a precise schedule on how often you refresh the Board, but it’s been a while since March, so… :sweat_smile:

Hey Mateusz,
the mentioned task is still on the ToDo list.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of any other solution off the top of my head, sorry :v:

Best regards,

By “To Do”, do you mean your internal stuff or Idea Board? If the latter, could you add the idea URL here, as I couldn’t find it :frowning:

Got it working!!!

1.5 RC fixed the ‘Output PHP Function’ dynamic data option behavior so now you can write function like this:

function get_portfolio_gallery(){
    //Get the ID of the portfolio item currently in loop
    $portolio_id = get_the_ID(); 
    //Get the image array that is attached to this portfolio item
    $portfolio_gallery = acf_photo_gallery('test_gal', $portolio_id);
    //Get only IDs of these images as this is what Carousel and Gallery elements expect to get
    $gallery_img_ids = array_column($portfolio_gallery, 'id');
    return $gallery_img_ids;

I have ACF Photo Gallery field called ‘test_gal’ attached to portfolio CPT.

I use it in the query loop that outputs portfolio items. There I have a Carousel element which is set like this after using ‘Output PHP Function’ dynamic data option


Works like a charm. Also tested with Gallery element.

I tag you all, so you don’t miss this fix among other 100 :wink: @danny-errnerr @nirose @bricksandmortar