Steal the good stuff from advanced themer

hey guys
take a look, please:

this thing offers a lot of features, 90% potentially overlapping many other addons, and i don’t know how many of us will prefer this to, say, acss. maybe nobody.
but the tweaks are something good, that may actually be integrated, natively available in bricks.

i’m not asking ‘when’, because the roadmap is pretty dense already, but can you consider the option to have something similar? natively?



Focus should be on roadmap but slowly work on these time saving features like

Left panel of advanced themer and recoda to easily access to style tab settings (layout sizing typography background css …etc) it save a lot of time.

Preview Colors on hover

Class Preview on hover

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Agree!! :heart_eyes:

The builder tweaks from Advanced Themer would make Bricks better as a product, as some of them are solving UX issues from the builder itself.

Also, some other of the tweaks are introducing major QOL features that would be great to have it natively!

“Steal” from Advanced Themer would not be the word, but partnering up with its developer… why not? :blush:


guys, hire maxime! he’s amazing.

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Or just buy and use Advanced Themer.


I support it! Advanced Themer should definitely become part of the Bricks core! No need to wait for the developer to grow even stronger and start creating his own page builder :grinning:

i fully support maxime but i dont think he will build a full builder. he’s damn talented and i suggest anyone to buy at. but if all those tweaks were native it could maybe be a lot better. and i hope that bricks buy the product or hire the dev.


Hello internets! Maxime and AT are boss.

I agree, I would expect this to be native to BB and mutually beneficial partnership would obviously be ideal.

Maxime has an incredible offering/business so can’t imagine he would be open to this. He also ships a new AT feature every other day, so not sure how that would work with BB releases.

Also how would licensing work. What do existing AT LTD holders receive. A high five?

All for native, buy yeah. Having Maxime in sole charge is also of incredible value.

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@kappesante If you ‘fully’ support Maxime / AT… then buy it! It’s price is only a fraction of what it’s actually worth!

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did ‘someone’ said ‘that’ i don’t have ‘already’ bought it ‘many’ ‘months’ ago even ‘before’ posting ‘this’? i don’t ‘remember’ anyone ‘said’ so, and ‘surely’ not me.
have a ‘nice’ day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It was inferred.
Like your title for the topic, “Steal the good stuff from advanced themer”. I can tell you most people here are hoping you didn’t mean that ‘literally’.

of course it wasn’t meant to be literally taken, maxime should be hired imho

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@kappesante lives at 5km from my home. If he steals from me, i’ll tell his mom personally :joy:


Yea, I was thinking the same thing awhile back. BUT, it may actually be more beneficial for him to be independent because there may come a time when he is able to adapt AT for another builder(s).
Also, right now he is his own boss… that freedom is worth it’s weight in gold!

Ahh… ok. I understand :grinning: :boxing_glove:

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