Some Christmas Wishes for Bricks Forms ;D

Hello guys,
I’m a big fan of form and all possibilities included with it.
It would be great to have some additional features in Bricks Form
Here are some Wishes that would be great to implement.


  • Image Select
  • Calculated Field
  • Coupon Field
  • Repeater Field
  • Shortcodes
  • Confirmation Field
  • Form Summary
  • Display All Steps
  • Media Library Field
  • Country Field
  • Range Field
  • Query CPT Field
  • Choose Field
  • Switcher Field
  • Rating Field / Custom Icons
  • Color Picker Field
  • Font Picker Field
  • Signature Field
  • Reset Field
  • Date Range for Booking
  • Select 2 Field
  • Options Select Field


  • Divider
  • Headings
  • Checkbox /radio style
  • Inline Label
  • +/- Buttons on Number Field
  • Sliders
  • Multisteps
  • Email Templates
  • Phone Field Prefix / Flags
  • Submit Progress Bar
  • Upload Preview when image uploaded
  • Inline Radio / Checkbox


  • Payment (Paypal/Stripe/Mollie)
  • Conditional Logic (Show/Hide)
  • Conditional Actions
  • Actions Reorder
  • Create / Update Posts
  • Update User
  • Create / Update Terms
  • Create / Update Comment
  • Email 2
  • PDF Generator
  • QR Code Generator
  • Form Abandonment


  • Submissions Database
  • Booking Database
  • Payment Database
  • Form Abandonment

Usually i use Pafe Piotnet Addons Form Field (best structure flexibility) or E-Addons (best overall features and functions but based on Elementor Forms, so not very good structure flexibility)
Or maybe could be a collaboration/compatibilty with those plugins usefull, would be awesome

I surely forget some other stuff, feel free to add in comments

Thanks for hearing


Hi David,

Time and again Bricks team have told us that they does not intent to make the form a dedicated form builder. There are much better plugins out there for the same. Community also think the focus should be on the core features.


Hi @omega
Thanks for the information. I’m just since 2 days a “Brickser” :smiley:
Well maybe there is something from the list that could be manageable.
At least some basic stuffs could be useful for lot of people.
For sure they don’t want to overload the Bricks Powerhouse, it’s understandable
Best greets

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You may already know that Piotnet has a form plug-in which is independent of Elementor (Piotnet Forms). May be a good choice for you.

hello @Nora
yes you are right. i have it also. i will test it but i think it will not be compatible with bricks. or maybe i would have to do some css corrections
have a nice weekend
best greetz

hi everyone,
i am also since 4 days a happy “Brikser” and looking for a form builder. piotnet forms addons are coming soon for bricks builder (have a look on the ‘products’ menu item on their website). hopefully the form builder is on of the addons :slight_smile:
best greets from austria

I am sure I read somewhere, possibly the FB group, that they are working on a Bricks form plugin too.


Hello @max73
yes i saw it also yesterday, i was like :exploding_head: haha
i hope soon will be available. its great news
Best greetz

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Hello @Michael
oh that would be awesome
Best Greetz