SOLVED: Wrong Key in Custom Element example of Bricks Child Theme

In the file bricks-child/elements/title.php the marked Key 'text' of render_element_placeholder()-function supposed to be 'title'

to get the correct message - otherwise there is only the Paragarph Icon:

Hello @flex,

Thank you for reporting this. Indeed, the child theme example is not correct. We’ll have it fixed. These are the possibilities with the render_element_placeholder():

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Hey there,
I’ve found another one in the “repeater” controls. See attached image, hope you can read it.

In the ‘fields’ array there is the wrong key for the ‘title’ field. Should be ‘title’ but is ‘tetitlext’


@wolfgang Good catch :slight_smile: I’ve updated the Academy repeater control article accordingly: Repeater Control – Bricks Academy

@flex I just uploaded the Bricks child theme with the fixed render_element_placeholder for download from the Bricks account page. Thank you!