SOLVED: Woocommerce Review - Missing Name Field

I have woocommerce products and added a woo tabs element to my product template.

Strangely, while the reviews form shows up, there is no name or email field present.

I double checked wordpress settings → disccussion and it does ask for name & email for post comments

Woocommerce of course doesn’t have an equivalent

But in general, does anyone know how to add the name and email to the form? This was default behavior in my previous page builder. Just assumed it would be here when i switched.

Hey Eric,

did you check the page in a different browser / an incognito window? I think those fields are not shown when you’re logged in as WordPress / WooCommerce gets those details from the logged in user automatically in this case.



@aslotta - Doh! You’re right. I was logged in. Logged out works just fine.