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SOLVED: V1.3.5 now inserts 'Category:' into {archive_title} - Was removed in v1.2.1

What was removed in v1.2.1 has somehow made its was back into v1.3.5! :crazy_face::grinning:

Can you reinstate, so we don’t have ‘Category:’ appearing in Heading - please.


Hi, flimflam!

It wasn´t removed completely, actually, it has been extended :wink:

You can still use {archive_title:context} to remove “Category” in front of your archive title.
Just tried it by myself and it worked like a charm.

Best regards,

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Hi @timmse - Thanks for the response.

I had it displaying without Cat or Tag before - but I think I might have discovered why there’s confusion.

I’ve just been in to alter the text to show in Heading and there appears to be a bug.

If I edit the contents of Heading using the GUI
it doesn’t update the contents in the Bricks control

This led to me making changes via the GUI and the front page showing the Cat/Tag still - and confusing the heck out of me!

Some good news - If changes are made in the Bricks control, they are reflected in the GUI.

1.3.6 has fixed this - Thanks Bricks team!

(Can be changed to SOLVED @timmse)

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