SOLVED: TTL for Themify Font Icons

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Perhaps one for @luistinygod

I am unable to set an efficient cache policy (expired header) for themify font icons as the picture below from GTMetrix:

I have spoken to my managed hosting support and it shows that it has been set via an Etag Entity Tag). I have not set this personally and wondered if this is included in the core code:

This is adding an extra call to the website as it acts as a checksum to check if the icon has changed/send back but this is not included within the overall cache so in essence making an unnecessary call.

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Just to add to this I noticed it is being served with a query string


Not sure why it is not just woff or woff2 like ionicons which is just above it in the image?

Hi @Michael do you fixed the issue? I have the same problem.

Hey @stabilo

Unfortunately, Luis didn’t bother to answer this, but it seems your issue is different to mine. Looks like it is loading all variations of the font. Then when it loads the font example woff2 the others are cancelled as not needed. Unfortunately, I am not sure as to why based on the screenshot. Worth opening a bug ticket or DMing @timmse to take a look

Hi guys,
this is a screenshot with Bricks 1.4. The page has 5 Icons (one of each icon font family) in it.

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Thank you. Since 1.4 the Probleme is fixed. :+1: