SOLVED: Themestyles: Body Typography Letter Spacing

Bricks Version: 1.3.6
Browser: Chrome Latest
OS: Windows 11

Hey Chaps,

When applying letter spacing in theme styles to the body font, it applies the letter spacing to all fonts styles (including headings).

This is using a google font.

Thank you!

Hi Michael,

Thanks a lot for your report!
Adding the letter spacing to the body applies it to .bricks-site-wrapper, which is the outermost container. So every kind of text will inherit this letter spacing. What do you think it should be applied to?

To remove or lower it down from your headings, you can set it to 0 under “All Headings” in Theme Styles.

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Of course! What the hell was I thinking! Why the hell did I think the body typography was only related to

Wow must have been a late night!

Apologies for the terrible ticket and thanks for responding! :+1: :+1:

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