SOLVED: SVG width/height inherits default styling

Bricks Version: 1.5 RC

Not sure if this is related to WIP: SVG's all shrunk, but setting a width & height in a class on an SVG element doesn’t do anything. It inherits the default styling:


Hi Sunny,

Is this when using the SVG element? If so, works fine for me.

Can you provide more info as to how to re-create the problem?

Oh weird. Yeah this was for an SVG element and on a fresh install, so I figured it was pretty straightforward. I’ll see if there’s any specific step to reproduce.

Actually, it looks like it must’ve been related, as the problem fixed itself in RC2.

With all due respect, I fixed it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You mean problems don’t just fix themselves?? Thought that’s how software dev worked :exploding_head:

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Hehe, if we reach that level, then you better fasten your seatbelt :rocket:

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I actually don’t understand this rule:

[class*=brxe-] svg {
    height: inherit;
    width: inherit;

IMHO it is insanely invasive, since (almost) EVERYTHING is nested inside a brxe-something.
This rule is actually almost equivalent to:

svg {
    height: inherit;
    width: inherit;

Does it look right to you to interfere so much with a standard tag?

In fact it breaks all my custom SVGs :frowning:
For instance, I have inline SVGs – copied/pasted from some source or automatically generated by custom tools – with custom sizes and this rule takes precedence.

@thomas , any thought on this, please?

@yankiara We can make sure to only apply this rule (starting at 1.5.1) to svg tags that don’t have a width and height attribute, but it is needed for multiple elements that contain an “Icon” control and where the CSS selector is not the svg itself, but the parent node.

@thomas Is 1.5.1 beta coming today?

Then, couldn’t you use more specific selectors like .brxe-element-slug > svg ?

[class*=brxe-] svg is WAAAAAY too general, it targets ALL SVGs inside sections or containers, etc.