[SOLVED] Style WP login screen

Is it possible to style the wp-admin login page with Bricks? This would be a nice feature, but couldn’t find how to do it… Is it possible?

Hi @sigersmit.

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Give this a try:

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Thank you @Sridhar exactly what I was looking for!

How can I replace the original WP login page with the bricks-built login page?

I have the same question as @Haidosu - I can create a new page, but how do I then ensure that Wordpress shows that page instead of the default login page?

I have a workaround for this problem: use the LoginPress plugin to change the original login page style.

What you can also do is to publish your custom login page and hide/change the default login page url if you want.

Yeah, it’s an option, but I don’t want to have to pay for a plugin if there’s the possibility of designing a login page with Bricks and using that instead. I’m currently using Branda to style the login page, so that’ll do until I can figure out how to replace the default login page.

It’s not Bricks but I use the colorlib login customizer…there’s a few basic features to make it look a lot nicer than the stock WP login screen, and it’s free.

Thanks for this. I assume that if we select this action then it automagically hooks into the WP login process.

It does seem we are missing some key fields here though (i.e., “I forgot my password”). How do we render that?