SOLVED: Sticky Header overlaps content

Bricks Version: 1.6 Beta
Browser: Opera Latest
OS: Windows 11

On 1.5.6 my content was below my header on page load (settings - sticky header on scroll), now when the page loads my hero section is behind the header.

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Hi Mick,
Thanks so much for your report!

A link is worth a thousand words - do you have one for me?

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I have a link with the similar issue. The link below is 1.6 beta

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Yeah, same issue here. Overlap header.

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Hey guys,
Thanks so much for the link!

I know what’s causing the issue and added it to the bug tracker.

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Apologies Stefan for the late one; not had the chance to get on here recently. Great you found the culprit!

Thanks @AndreGroenewald for sending through a link and @RealSousen, for confirming too :+1:

Many thanks


I “fixed” this by disabling the sticky header, until the final corrected version comes out.
thank you michael.

Hi Stefan and others,

This seems to be fixed in 1.6B2 :+1:

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